What Are Bereavement Gifts?

By: Schilling Funeral Home & Cremation
Monday, April 3, 2023

Are you wondering how you can comfort someone after a loss and service at a funeral home in Amboy, IL? Try a bereavement gift! 

Picking out a gift for someone going through a loss can be another wonderful way to show someone just how deeply you care. A tasteful memorial gift can go a long way in expressing your support and love for grieving friends in their time of need. Traditionally, bereavement gifts are often home-cooked meals, flowers, or other practical items. But these days, bereavement can be so much more, from journals and jewelry to plants, home décor, and more.  

Here are some bereavement gift ideas to help inspire you:  

  • Grief Journal – Grief journals make great bereavement gifts as they provide the bereaved a place to write down their thoughts, feelings, memories, or anything else they want. Grief journaling has been around for a very long time, and was around long before it had an official name or designation as it can be very helpful in processing loss and the feelings that come with it.  
  • Picture Frame – Photos are a great way to help remember and honor the deceased, making picture frames to hold photos of the deceased great bereavement gifts. Look for a special frame that might signify something unique about the deceased. For example, if they loved to golf, get a golf-themed frame.  
  • Photo Book – Like a scrapbook but made digitally, photo books are bound, printed photos of the deceased. Choose your favorite pictures of the deceased and have them printed through a photo book company to give to the bereaved.  
  • Engraved Glassware – Many people like to do toasts in honor of those they’ve lost. An engraved glass, whether beer mug, wine glass, highball, or water glass, makes a great bereavement gift as it gives the bereaved a special way to make those memorial toasts.  
  • Memorial Trees – You can buy a tree to plant in honor of the deceased. Memorial trees not only provide the bereaved with a place to visit when they want to remember their lost loved one, but they also help make the world a greener, better place.  
  • Positive Thoughts Jar – A positive thoughts jar is a jar filled with slips of paper on which positive thoughts are written. You can order one online or make your own with a mason jar and printer paper. These little notes can help remind the bereaved that even when days seem dark and bleak, there is still so much beauty and joy in life to experience. 
  • Candle Holder – Many people like to light candles in remembrance of lost loved ones. Buying a candle holder as a bereavement gift gives your friend a special candle holder they can use to honor their lost loved one, especially if you get in engraved with a special message or picture of the deceased.  

Sympathy cards, phone calls, texts, and visits are all well and good, but sometimes you want to do a little more. We are here to help if you want more information on bereavement gifts or Amboy, IL funeral homes. Call or visit us today to learn more.  

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