Planning a Traditional or Alternative Funeral and Cremation service in Morrison, IL

What Is The Main Purpose Of Funeral Home?

For many families, the traditions they hold dear are a point of great comfort during difficult times, such as when a loved one dies. Often these traditions have been passed down for generations, helping to anchor the family in love and unity. If your family is facing the death of a loved one, our funeral home can help you to consider the unique traditions that occur in your family culture. At Schilling Funeral Home, we respect and honor families that desire a traditional funeral and cremation in Morrison, IL.

Similarly, we respect and honor families that wish to have a more modern service for their lost loved ones. Perhaps a family finds little meaning in the old ways of the family and would prefer to commemorate their dead with a more contemporary service that better aligns with what the family values in the present because they had their own funeral etiquette.

The bottom line is, there is no one right way to plan and hold a funeral or memorial service. What is right, depends on the preferences of the family and their loved one. However, there is always commonalities in planning a service that needs to be addressed. These include logistical questions such as: Who should be invited to attend? What venue should the service be held at? Who should speak and provide insights and stories about the life of their loved one? Are there any songs, writings, or thoughtful remembrances that should be shared? Would a religious element be appropriate for the service?

With so many questions to answer such as funeral costs or grief resources and so many that are much more specific to the deceased, it can be daunting to plan and hold a service. That’s where professional help can come in. If you need help to plan a funeral and cremation in Morrison, IL, let our funeral directors guide you during this emotional time.

What are the Best Options for Funeral and Cremation in Morrison, IL?

Schilling is a full-service funeral home. We don’t limit the options as to what is possible when it comes to funeral planning. We provide an extended variety of services to meet the needs of the families in our community. That’s why we offer services such as:

  • Cremations: If your family is looking for a more modern way of care for the fallen, the cremation process can be an excellent option. It is a growing trend in our community because of the flexibility that can be done with cremated remains. It tends to be more affordable than a casket burial service.
  • Cremation with memorial service: After cremation has been completed, some families still wish to say their goodbyes with a service unique to their needs. For instance, families choose to use a burial vault where the urn of their loved ones can be placed. We can facilitate this activity.
  • Direct Cremation: When resources are limited such as families cannot afford to buy quality cremation casket, the deceased can be removed from the place of death directly to the crematory. This saves money by eliminating the need for the funeral home to care for the dead before being transported to the crematory. This service removes the option to hold a funeral before cremation, but the option for a memorial service after the fact remains.
  • Low-Cost Cremation: Families appreciate our assistance to keep costs in check. There are additional options that can aid in the effort to reduce price when needed. We want to help families of all means in their time of need.
  • Military Honors: For military veterans, we provide a funeral worthy of their service to our nation. As a show of our appreciation for veterans, we provide a discount to their families.
  • Pre-needs: There are considerable advantages to preplanning and paying for a funeral. Primarily, there is a significantly reduced burden on surviving family members who are left with the responsibility to handle the affairs of their lost loved one. It is a gift of love. If you are considering this option, we can help you think through the details. It may be uncomfortable to do, but it is an act of love.
  • Traditional Funeral: For families that wish to do so, our funeral home can facilitate a viewing, funeral, and graveside service of their loved one where families send flowers to the deceased one. It is a timeless and cherished service that is appreciated by many.
  • Burials: Our professionals can see to it that the mortal remains are respectfully and properly interred in their final resting place. A place where you can return to and visit in love and memory throughout your life.

Schilling Funeral Home & Cremation is a third generation family business, owned and operated by the family since 1975. If your family is searching for help with funeral and cremation in Morrison, IL, our licensed funeral directors are ready to assist you in your time of need. We are located at 702 1st Ave, Sterling, IL 61081. Call us for a conversation about how we can help. Our number is (815) 626-1131.

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