Traditional and Alternative Funeral and Cremation Services in Polo, IL

Every family and individual are different in the way they grieve. Many find comfort in the traditions of the ages, traditions that trace back generations within their families. These may be cultural traditions, religious faith, family customs and holidays, etc. When it comes to death, the living may turn to these traditions to help them find comfort and meaning. When planning a funeral and cremation in Polo, IL, Schilling Funeral Home & Cremation can help your family to include important traditions into the service.

On the other hand, some families find the old ways are of little comfort to them. They prefer to plan and hold alternative funeral services for those they mourn in death. They find meaning in the values they hold in the present, and not in ideals and traditions so old that no one can remember why they were significant.

There is no one correct way of remembering a loved one lost to the finality of death. What matters is that the commemorative service you choose provides the rich meaning and closure that the family needs. If healing can begin and hearts are comforted, then the service was a success, and that is what matters most. We support and encourage families to consider what kind of service will be best, and we will work diligently with them to make that happen.

Anticipated Costs for Funeral and Cremation in Polo, IL

How much should a family plan on paying for funeral and cremations services? It’s a fair question. The answer depends on the services your family chooses. When you work with Schilling Funeral Home, you can customize the services you receive to meet the needs of your family. We never charge you for the service options that you don’t want to be included in the funeral services that we provide.

You can request our general price list for detailed information about pricing and in-depth detail of the services that we offer. This information can help you to manage costs and avoid paying for unwanted things. We promise to be open and upfront with you about all pricing. We will communicate with you all options and pricing and support you in your choices. Your funeral budget matters, and we will do all that we can to help you stay within your resources.

Some of the services that we offer include the following traditional and alternative options when planning for a funeral and cremation service in Polo, IL:

  • Cremations: Over recent years, this option has grown in popularity due to the reduced cost of service when compared to a traditional casket burial. Families seeking an alternative to the higher costs of a traditional funeral appreciate this bonus. They additionally appreciate the flexibility this provides when deciding what should be done with the ashes.
  • Cremation with memorial service: For some, it is still important to hold a memorial after cremation has occurred. It can provide great comfort to honor a loved one in death. When wanted, we can help arrange such an event.
  • Low-Cost Cremation: A basic cremation service can reduce costs even further. Talk with us for additional detail if this is a priority need.
  • Direct Cremation: The body of the deceased can be directly transported to the crematory for cremation services. This service bypasses the funeral home and the attendant costs of caring for the deceased before moving the body to the crematory. It is advantageous for those who need services but with limited resources.
  • Burials: If a traditional burial is wanted, we can arrange for professional services to carefully and respectfully inter the deceased after any funeral services have occurred.
  • Military Honors: Veterans of the armed forces deserve our highest respect. We lay our heroes to rest with full decorum for their service to our nation. Families appreciate the discounted services we provide when caring for our deceased veterans.
  • Traditional Funeral: If your family would like to plan and hold a traditional viewing, funeral, and graveside commemorative service for your lost loved one, let us help you make all the preparations.
  • Pre-needs: Many people want to ease the burden of death on their families by preparing and paying for funeral arrangements in advance of death. It is a great gift of peace to the survivors, minimizing stress and effort during an already difficult time.

Schilling Funeral Home & Cremation is a family business, owned and operated by the Schilling family for three generations. We are a leading provider of funeral and cremation in Polo, IL. Our experienced funeral directors are licensed and credentialed, and adhere to the highest ethical standards of the industry. We strive to serve our community with great care and compassion. If you need services, please call or stop by our funeral home, located at 702 1st Ave, Sterling, IL 61081. You can reach us anytime at (815) 626-1131.

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