Traditional and Contemporary Funeral and Cremation Services in Prophetstown, IL

When a loved one dies, their family and friends often find great comfort in each other and their traditions. Often these traditions have been passed down for decades, even centuries perhaps. They are meaningful reminders of the family’s core values and can provide stability and reassurance during hard times. When it comes to funeral and cremation service in Prophetstown, IL, our staff strives to help families honor their loved ones in the way that best helps them.

Some families find that the older ways they have inherited no longer provide meaning or solace. Instead, they look to their current family values to help them cope. They may wish to honor their fallen in a more modern style of celebration of a loved one’s life. There is no right or wrong way for a family to plan and hold a commemorative funeral or memorial service. What matters most is that families find comfort and closure in the way that best helps them.

Schilling Funeral Home understands that every family is different and that every service must be customized to the family in need. Whenever a family requests our help, we compassionately inquire about the details, seeking to understand what their family preferences and priorities are on matters of loss.

Once we have a good understanding, we can then help families begin to answer the questions common to all funeral and memorial services. These questions include things like: What kind of service is best for your family needs? Is there a religious aspect that should be considered? Where should the service be held? Who will be invited to attend? How many friends and family do you expect to come? What would you like to share that is meaningful at the service?

We know many families are very capable of answering these questions, so we often keep to the logistical and coordinating aspects of the service. However, our funeral services team is ready and willing to help in whatever way is needed. If you need help to plan a funeral and cremation in Prophetstown, IL, our professional funeral directors will be glad to support your family when requested. We understand the real emotional pain that families feel when a death occurs, and we seek to be a reassuring source of help and comfort when they turn to us for support.

Personalized Funeral and Cremation Services in Prophetstown, IL

Funerals and memorial services are deeply personal, and the best services are those that are personalized to meet the wishes of the family and the deceased. You can select the services that do just that. There are many options and the combination of services to choose from, and our service team will ensure it will happen as efficiently as possible. The finishing details are important. As you are considering the kinds of services available, here are some brief details:

  • Burials: Looking for a traditional burial service? Our services include handling all details associated with the internment of caskets and urns alike.
  • Traditional Funeral: This generally includes a viewing, funeral and graveside service for families and friends to say their last goodbyes.
  • Military Honors: Veterans can be appropriately honored for their service. We can provide all decorum and ceremony due on behalf of a grateful nation. As a show of our appreciation, we provide discounts to the families of veterans for our services.
  • Pre-needs: The day comes for all of us when we too will be laid to rest. Taking time to plan and pay for a funeral well in advance of death is an act of love for those who remain. It truly eases the burden of loss and financial hardship on surviving family members. We can help facilitate all pre-planning.
  • Cremations: In recent decades, this service has become more popular due to reduced costs and earth-friendly initiatives. We provide this service to many families.
  • Direct Cremation: The deceased can be moved directly from their place of death to the crematorium for disposition. This service reduces the cost even further because the funeral home is bypassed almost entirely. The ashes of the deceased are respectfully returned to the family to be handled as they wish.
  • Cremation with memorial service: Even after a cremation occurs, many families still want to gather to commemorate the life of their loved one lost. We can coordinate the services and provide a venue to gather if needed.
  • Low-Cost Cremation: Cremation is a more modern way of handling the mortal remains of those who’ve passed on. Compared to a casket burial it is less expensive.

If your family is researching funeral and cremation services in Prophetstown, IL, Schilling Funeral Home & Cremation is a leading provider in the area. Call or stop by to start a conversation about how we can help. Our funeral home is at 702 1st Ave, Sterling, IL 61081. We can be reached by phone at (815) 626-1131.

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