Smart Tips When Planning a Funeral and Cremation in Rock Falls, IL

We are often asked, what is the best way to plan and prepare a funeral service? It’s a good question. The answer depends on the needs of your family and the wishes of the deceased. It can be challenging to plan and hold a successful funeral service in the short window of time that these occasions afford. Fortunately, it can be done! When the need arises to plan a funeral and cremation in Rock Falls, IL, here are some smart tips to remember as you begin the process:

Consider the Wishes of the Deceased

Did your loved one ever express their desires or instructions about their funeral? Did they wish to be buried or cremated? Where would they like their ashes to be spread or their body laid to rest? Often this is expressed in conversations with family in passing moments. But other times people choose to preplan these details and write them down. These details are sometimes found on record with an attorney or local funeral home. Other times they are found in a personal file cabinet in a closet or home office. It’s a good idea to try and remember or locate any paperwork with these details.

Consider What the Family Needs

The death of a loved one is often an emotionally painful experience for the survivors. Ultimately, the purpose of a funeral or memorial service is to grieve our loss and begin the healing process. These services provide us a chance to remember and give us a sense of closure. When considered in this light, what is it that your family needs to get from this experience? Do they need an opportunity to gather with family and friends to draw strength and emotional support? Do they need to hold a celebration of a life well lived? Do they need grief counseling? Funeral or memorial proceedings can be thoughtfully designed to meet a family’s needs.

It’s also a good idea to think about the logistics of a funeral or memorial. How many people will be attending? Where will the service be held to accommodate everyone? Are there any religious or cultural practices that are important to the family that should be incorporated? What memories and stories should be shared?

After holding a funeral and cremation service in Rock Falls, IL, a family meal together can be an important and memorable part of the occasion. Not only does it meet the needs of the surviving for nourishment, but it is also a great time for family and friends to catch up and reconnect. There is something special about these moments together during an otherwise sad circumstance. Consider if this option is right for your family.

Locate an Experienced Funeral and Cremation Provider in Rock Falls, IL

Sometimes death is sudden and unexpected. Other times we see it drawing closer and know our loved one’s remaining time is limited. Either way, you will likely need some help to organize and hold a funeral service when these inevitable moments occur. Hiring a reputable funeral home to help you plan and coordinate the event allows you to spend more time gathering and comforting your loved ones.

Always look for a funeral company with expertise and experience. Find out if the home is credentialed? Are they affiliated with any important guilds or national governing bodies that require adherence to an ethical standard? How long have the funeral directors been practicing? Are they a full-service funeral home? It’s a good idea to call a funeral home you are considering to hire and ask questions as quickly as possible after death has occurred.

As a matter of course, we offer the following services to our community in the greater Sauk Valley area:

  • Traditional Funeral
  • Cremations
  • Direct Cremation
  • Burials
  • Military Honors
  • Cremation with memorial service
  • Pre-needs
  • Low-Cost Cremation

Customization of Services

The most important thing that a funeral or memorial service should accomplish is to help begin the healing process for surviving family and friends of the deceased. When a service is filled with rich meaning and a personalized touch, it becomes easier to say our last goodbyes to a lost loved one. The small details matter, because they communicate a lot about who the deceased person was in life.

Schilling Funeral Home & Cremation specializes in the care and respect that your loved one deserves. We always seek to understand the deeper wants and needs of our patrons so that we can thoughtfully help them consider the best way for them and their family to commemorate their loved one and heal their hearts. If you are looking for a funeral and cremation provider in Rock Falls, IL, call or stop by for a conversation. Our offices are located at 702 1st Ave, Sterling, IL 61081. We can be reached by telephone at (815) 626-1131.

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